Four Tips For Efficient Home Cleaning

In our hectic daily lives, tidying up and cleaning the house seems impossible, and we often say, “Stay for tomorrow,” or “I’ll do the weekend.” When it comes time to take on the tasks, we usually have to spend long and exhausting hours dealing with the accumulated housework. If this sounds familiar and you don’t know how to escape this vicious circle, try these four simple tactics to keep your home clean and tidy. 

Get rid of the packaging 

Almost all the goods we buy are packed in boxes, envelopes, foil, paper and whatnot. Not to mention that in many cases, the packaging is much larger than the product it contains. Transfer the products to plastic or glass storage containers to save more space and avoid spilling food and accumulating half-empty bags and boxes in kitchen cabinets and refrigerators. This way, the cleaning and tidying of the kitchen will become faster, and finding the desired product will be easier. 

Arrange in the evening 

Waking up in a cluttered house can be pretty demotivating for anyone. Not to mention that when you can’t find anything you need in a mess, getting ready for work and dressing the kids is a complex and time-consuming task. Unfortunately, you often repeat this scenario if you postpone the order for a specific day. You will improve the situation significantly if you take some time in the evening to put your house in order instead of waiting for your weekend. 

If you spend 15-20 minutes undressing after coming home from work, you can enjoy a pleasant and cosy atmosphere throughout the week. You will be surprised how many things you can do in this short time, and you will significantly facilitate cleaning the house and your daily life. 

Best home cleaning tips

Do not miss the spring and autumn house cleaning

Even if you tidy the house and clean it regularly, some dust and dirt seep into the curtains, upholstery and carpets. Basic cleaning once, or better yet, twice a year, is the best way to prevent fabric wear and tear and maintain the well-being of your home. Spring cleaning is also an excellent occasion to revise your wardrobe and throw away unnecessary clothes and accessories that only take up space and interfere when tidying up. 

Clean the bathroom after taking a bath 

Although there is no furniture or carpets in the bathroom to collect dust, it is one of the places that pollutes quickly. An easy way to keep this room hygienic is to take 5 minutes to clean after each bath. Leave the most necessary products and cleaning supplies in the bathroom to be at hand. Apply the detergents on the tiles, taps, and other places where mould most often appears or limescale accumulates and leaves for a minute or two. 

During this time, spray the mirror with glass cleaner and polish it. Then rinse the detergents you have left to work. You will remove the accumulated dirt much more quickly and without endless rubbing, as the room remains damp after showering. To finish cleaning the bathroom, dry the wet surfaces. That will prevent the appearance of unpleasant stains that remain from moisture and splashes. 

Always clean the bathroom after using it

How to disinfect at home? 

Personal hygiene and social distancing undoubtedly help to control viral epidemics. That is not our only trump card against germs – good hygiene and regular disinfection at home guarantee its inhabitants’ health and support the health of the whole society. 

Cleaning and disinfection at home – an effective weapon against viruses 

That is why we have tried to gather in one place the best tips and tactics for basic home cleaning and effective disinfection to stop the spread of viruses, germs and other bacteria. 

Cleaning and disinfection of the house 

Many people need to distinguish between cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning removes germs or dirt from the surface, but this does not kill pathogens. It more often just wipes them but still reduces the spread of infection. Disinfection, on the other hand, is the use of chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. Here’s a look at what the differences are: 

Cleaning: Cleaning the carpets with a vacuum cleaner, washing the floors, wiping the counter tops and tables, dusting, etc. 

Disinfection: Using disinfectants on surfaces with frequent direct contact, such as door handles, windows, cabinets, light switches, remotes, toilets, desks, chairs, sinks and counter tops, etc. 

What can you use for disinfection at home? 

Unfortunately, when we talk about destroying pathogens of dangerous viruses, such as Covid 19, environmental products are not as effective as “household chemicals”. The most effective natural way to disinfect is to clean with a steam cleaner, but only some have one. However, you can use the following products: 

  • Detergents that contain bleach 
  • Preparations containing ethanol alcohol 
  • A solution of hot water and lots of soap also works if you don’t have anything else 

Other ways to keep germs away from home 

Take a look at the tips below – they, along with the use of disinfectants and good personal hygiene, are your best antiviral tactics. 

  •  Leave “dirty” things by the door. Minimise the entry of pathogens into your home. Taking off your shoes and keeping them in the hallway or the garage is not suitable. Although the transmission of the virus through shoes is not common, we can carry other nasty bacteria, germs and dirt in the home. Remember that purses, bags, backpacks, or other items we use outside may have been in contact with a contaminated area or touched with dirty hands. Therefore, it is good that they remain in the hallway – do not place them on kitchen counter tops, dining tables, or near recreation areas – coffee tables, sofas, or beds. 
  • Disinfection of small objects that we often hold in our hands. Here we remind you that we need more than washing the door handle and hands if we use a mobile phone. It also was outside with us. Clean the device with an alcohol-based detergent. Even pure alcohol works. Keys and locks must also be disinfected daily. 
  • Change your clothes. If you’ve been outside, no matter what you’ve been doing, be sure to change into clean home clothes. Put the clothes you go out to wash, or at least take them out on the terrace or in the yard in direct sunlight for a few hours. You may not always wash outerwear every day, but ultraviolet rays will deal with germs. 
  • Leave hand sanitiser near the door. In addition to frequently cleaning the front door handle, it is good not to touch it with dirty hands. Leaving a bottle of disinfectant and using it every time you enter will significantly reduce the germs you miss in your home. However, it is essential to use a product that contains at least 60% alcohol. 
  • Disinfection of the workplace. Even if you do not go to the office but work from home, we must remember that the keyboard and mouse are one of the most significant breeding grounds for germs, viruses and bacteria. Therefore, clean your workplace often. 
  • Use antibacterial cycles on the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher. Many newer models have this option, which uses hotter than usual temperatures to reduce bacteria. 

Effective Tricks For a Clean Home With Minimum Effort

We have been helping with household chores and cleaning for years. We have hundreds of clients who rely on us. Therefore, we are familiar with the most common problems in home maintenance and effective methods for solving them.

We will share simple but effective ideas and tricks that will make your work at home accessible and make cleaning your home more manageable, the results more satisfying, and you and your family happier and more cohesive.

Minimalism at home

Minimalism not only facilitates maintenance and cleaning but also creates the impression of comfort, tranquillity and harmony. In contrast, a crowded interior carries a sense of heaviness, multiple tasks that need to complete, distracts and increases stress. And “our home is our fortress,” isn’t it? We all prefer to be completely relaxed at home and not to “run” on tasks.

Suitable appliances and preparations

Proper devices and detergents for home cleaning will save you a lot of effort. Here are some practical tips:

  • Suitable vacuum cleaner. Think about what is a priority for you before focusing on a model. If you do not have time and there is not much furniture in your home, choose a robot vacuum cleaner. If you suffer from low back pain, you may prefer an upright vacuum cleaner, and why not without a cord? There are also models with an option for washing, which are convenient for daily cleaning. Think about the filter, considering the home’s size and which will be more convenient for you when cleaning and changing.
  • Steam cleaner. Good choice for cleaning the home without detergents. Hot steam kills up to 99% of bacteria and germs. Also, it quickly and qualitatively dissolves various types of dirt from almost all surfaces, which saves valuable time.
  • Trust the manufacturers and choose the detergents according to the flooring in the interior.

Decorative foil or paper

If you cover the shelves and surfaces in your home with decorative foil or paper, you will make cleaning as easy as possible, and in case of more dirt, you can replace the foil. There are spectacular designs on the market suitable for any furniture.

Light and fresh air

Large windows bring in more natural light, which increases vitality and reduces stress levels. Even if your home does not have large windows, do not deprive yourself of sunlight – do not leave the curtains and blinds constantly lowered.

If, in addition, you grow flowers and houseplants, you will bring more comfort and fresher air into the home. Plants that significantly reduce the number of harmful substances in the air are Devil’s ivy (Scindapsus), Ficus, Chlorophytum, Chrysanthemum, Dracaena, Azalea, Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum), Aloe, Gerber, Sansevieria, Bamboo palm. Of course, you can grow other plants – the important thing is to feel comfortable and bring you a good mood.

Good organisation

Good organisation is exceptionally critical and can be achieved most effectively by developing a program to maintain cleanliness and clean the home. Here are a few examples:

  • You should perform certain activities every day, others – once a week and even once a month. You will save time if you do not clean the places left for the basic weekly cleaning, daily and vice versa – if you do not postpone the everyday things for another time.
  • Cleanliness in some places in the home is paramount, so take care of them with priority. Such are the bathroom and the kitchen, especially the counter tops and cabinets where you keep and process food.
  • Do not forget to include time for rest, favourite hobbies and festive activities with the family.

Don’t procrastinate!

Procrastination is the enemy №1 of good organisation and is one of the most solid prerequisites for chaos and stress. That’s why it’s so important to be consistent. Here are a few key points that will prevent household chores from accumulating:

  • Make the maxim “As you found it – so leave it” a habit. Whatever you do, even if you love creative chaos, always clean up after yourself. This way, you won’t accumulate work in addition to the weekly home cleaning.
  • Do small things in principle and consistently. We all know how the temporary usually becomes permanent. Do not allow this with something that would cost you more time and energy.

And in addition – the less you procrastinate, the more opportunities you will have to procrastinate. It sounds paradoxical at first glance, but it means that if at some point you are busy than usual or if you do not feel well, or if the weather is just wonderful and you want to be in the air instead of cleaning, you will be able to allow it without worry.

Distribution of chores

  • Each household member must take personal responsibility for home comfort – taking care of their belongings and not forgetting to clean up after themselves.
  • Do not take on everything yourself. Everyone who lives in the home must have obligations and do them regularly. The best distribution is for everyone to do what they do most efficiently, with the least effort and pleasure.
  • Delegate – leave it to someone else when you cannot complete some of your home maintenance responsibilities. Don’t take on more work than you can do without getting tired. If you need, hire a housekeeper or take advantage of a professional home cleaning service.

And a bonus tip: The little things that affect motivation

  • Keep cleaners handy – you don’t want to spend half your cleaning time looking for detergents or walking from room to room to pick up something. Put things exactly where you use them most often.
  • Start with the most complicated and most annoying. In the beginning, you are full of strength and energy, and in the end, you are more inclined to leave for later. Let the end of the cleaning be as easy as possible for you.
  • Start with the most urgent and do not waste time on things that are not a priority – for example, do not do weekly cleaning activities every day.
  • The right attitude. Smile, and don’t make cleaning an unpleasant task. It’s for you and your comfort.

Even if you are bored or tired, accept home maintenance as an investment in peace and contentment.
All this will save you time to spend with your loved ones or for your favourite hobbies, for a complete vacation or activities you always postpone due to lack of time. And one more thing – a good mood today will make you happier in the long run.

Dreams, Plans And Home Chores – Professional Cleaning Services Can Help You Build a More Successful Future

Have you got a big family, many children, a large property, a full-time job or just a big dream and brave plans?

If you want to study, develop professionally or focus on your hobbies, favourite people and outside activities, maintaining a home spotless might be a complex experience and enormous challenge. Sometimes to combine all that successfully and efficiently is even impossible.

If you desire to have free time every week without vacuuming, washing, scrubbing, and any other tedious and exhausting chores, professional cleaning support is vital for your plans and different lifestyle. Come back home; rediscover your healthy, bright and immaculate indoor environment. Rejoice at the fresh smell and shining surfaces.

Hire your cleaning company – with complete equipment, great background and excellent testimonials. Find the experts with state-of-the-art knowledge in the industry, certificated competence and sensation toward details. Everybody who has found a trustworthy domestic service knows that experts possess a genuine ability to solve problems and offer the best possible solution for your improved clean home and happier way of living.